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complex systems such as the Aral Sea region [6]. Employing the scenario approach, the WEAP model provides a structured approach to integrated water.

... Accepted: 29 August 2017; Published: 31 August 2017. Abstract: The Aral Sea basin (ASB) is one of the most environmentally vulnerable regions to climate.

ABSTRACT: The article substantiates the condition of providing river ecosystems with a release for environmental protection purposes.

The Aral Sea Basin is considered a disaster zone by many. Demands on the watershed for irrigation and other purposes have overdrawn water resources.

Two rivers, the Zeravshan and Kashkadarya rivers, are similar to the Amu Darya for their water catchment characteristics however; they no longer discharge into ...

lake started to shrink because of the utilization of rivers water for irrigation purposes. Since the irriga- tion began, massive amounts water has been used.

The Aral Sea, which before 1960 was the fourth largest lake in the world, has now split into four separate water bodies. This break-up and desiccation ...

27 авг. 2017 г. ... Received: 20 May 2017 / Accepted: 02 July 2017 / Published: 27 ... The Aral Sea, as a terminal lake with no outfalls, is subject to strong.

Aral Sea Basin Program. BVO. - River Basin Organization (Amu Darya and Syr Darya). CA. - Central Asia. CIDA. - Canadian International Development Agency.

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