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Lumina Village. Valo offers conventional workspace for those looking for offices in Old Trafford, Greater. Manchester. The building offers high-quality,.

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Lumina Village. Valo offers conventional workspace for those looking for offices in Old Trafford, Greater. Manchester. The building offers high-quality,.

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Information Leaflet 5. Page 2. From 1st April 2002 all owners replacing windows need to obtain consent and the new windows must comply with Building.

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major 1960s Brutalist development. The scheme on completion contained a hotel, offices, car park, nightclub, public house and a two-storey shopping centre;.

FC United of Manchester are seeking a dynamic individual who shares our values and can communicate them to develop relationships with local businesses and ...

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Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is an internationally recognised academic support service for students, supporting them in their journey through higher education.

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